Wellesley Scholarship Foundation


Who We Are:
Since 1951 the Wellesley Scholarship Foundation has provided financial assistance to college bound Wellesley students through need and merit-based scholarships.

The Need:
Wellesley's school population is growing, and college costs and student debt are soaring! Last year alone there was over $645,000 of unmet need in Wellesley. We need your help in doing a better job of assisting Wellesley families with college education costs.

How We Work:
Each year the Wellesley Scholarship Foundation solicits contributions from Wellesley residents and other past supporters. WSF has also built an endowment which provides income. Both sources of cash are distributed directly to independent and public high school seniors and college students each year. The WSF elects a Board of Trustees for three-year terms. The Board is responsible for managing the foundation and for awarding scholarships. All Board members are volunteers; administrative costs are minimal. Your donations go directly to students. Wellesley Scholarship Foundation is a non-profit, tax exempt 501(c)3 foundation and is not affiliated with any other group.

How Scholarships Are Awarded:

Need-Based: A four-member subcommittee of Trustees oversees the annual selection of scholarship recipients. Applications may be downloaded from this website and are also available at Wellesley High School and Town Hall. Need is determined using the CSS Financial Aid PROFILE. Students must apply annually. Eligible applicants must be full time students and residents of Wellesley. With continued need, scholarships are awarded until the applicant completes his / her post-secondary or undergraduate education, up to a maximum of ten semesters. All financial information is kept strictly confidential. Scholarship amounts range in size from $500 to $9,000 annually and are awarded in June.

Merit-Based: The Margaret Daniels Scholarship for women and the Donald P. Babson Scholarship for men are merit-based awards also administered by the foundation.


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